Precision Equipment and
System-Constructions for the International High-Tech Industry









We offer career information and training to young people interested in precision engineering. 


We are members of the local Chamber of Commerce (IHK), and participate in programs designed to support specialists in the engineering field.  


We offer young people the opportunity to complete apprenticeships in the following fields:


  • Machinist    -  Turning Technique

  • Machinist    -  Milling Technique 

  • Toolmaker  -  Punching and Deformation Technique


We participate in programs which furnish students an opportunity to tour our facilities and gain a better understanding of how precision engineering fits into the “Big Picture” of the industrial community.



Applications and Certification


  • Each calendar year we accept applications in September for on-the-job-training beginning in April of the following year. These applications should be mailed to our address and include personal information (interests and goals),  previous and current certification intentions, and a passport photo. 


Application and practical coursework


  • Student Applications for practical coursework are submitted in writing and should include personal information (interests and goals), previous and current certifications, career intentions, and a passport photo mailed to our address. 







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