Precision Equipment and
System-Constructions for the International High-Tech Industry






































We research and develop precision components compatible with systems operating on cutting-edge technology.


We produce high grade, precision components which are delivered ready for installation. These components range from individual parts, such as bushings, flanges and shafts, to highly complex component equipment for the semi conductor and medical industry, such as rotary feed-through systems, customized fluid sealing systems, and mechanical heart valves.


We produce parts for developmental research in many fields, as well as, all variety of spare parts. (Where technical drawings are not available, we can work with physical models).


Since 1985 we have successfully positioned ourselves inside the international high tech manufacturing market.


We are certified by DQS Our Quality Management System fulfils the requirements of the standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 13485:2007.


We maintain the safety requirements, relevant standards, and documentation associated with nuclear technology.


We are certified by the German TÜV (a government regulatory body which monitors and enforces industrial standards for manufacturing competence and safety) with re-stamping authorization EN 10204/DIN 50049/3.1 for the construction of units subject to inspection.


Our Qualified Staff operates with a full compliment of the most modern manufacturing equipment such as tactile and 3D visual-measuring systems and the use of CAD/CAM technologies. CAD/CAM ,or, high speed machining software, means many things to many people, but has one overriding goal - profit ! These factors, along with our emphasis upon highly efficient production protocols, serve to foster our exemplary product manufacturing plant.


We are individuals first ! This means each individual is given responsibilities tied to his / her expertise. As a team, we are then in the best position to meet the demands within the high-tech manufacturing market. Emphasis is placed upon leadership and goal-orientation. Each department is supplied qualified leadership and an opportunity for personal advancement. Each of these factors serve to create the high sense of esprit de corps which characterizes our workplace.


Our production facilities reflect an adherence to the high standards of cleanliness required by such industries as aviation, space, and medical technology.


Our company accepts many unique challenges while researching and developing customer products. As a result, we often acquire knowledge which may be suited to their future design and research needs. Our policy is to pass this relevant information on to customers. In so doing, our clients remain informed and prepared for future research needs.


Innovation is more than a word - it’s our mission !


Existing patents in Germany and throughout the industrialized world, particularly in vacuum and hydraulic technology, attest to the innovative power exercised by our staff of engineers.


We produce precision technical components and systems in accordance with customer specifications (part lists and technical drawings).




  • Development & Construction
  • Production
  • Precision Assembly
  • Test Services
  • Repairs / Refurbishments




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