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  Rotary Feed -Through Systems


We develop, design, and produce systems which supply the liquid and gaseous mediums required for the transmission of electricity over axially (lifting) and radially (turning) vacuum-driven systems, as used in Semiconductor Industries.


  • Our company has positioned itself on the global manufacturer market.
  • 20 years experience in the production of vacuum-technical components and complex groups of system constructions. Our products are in use around the clock world-wide.
  • The most respected and recognized names in semiconductor industry profit from our Know-How.
  • We develop innovative solutions with the most modern aids incl. 3D-CAD/CAM/FEM.
  • Our innovative ability and achievement is reflected in the registry of our patents throughout the industrial world.


At the outset of vacuum technology (over 10 years ago) we began supplying the sealed passages for the rotary feed-through units (a key component in a sputter process), as well as, supplying many spare parts for UNAXIS (a leading supplier in the semiconductor industry world-wide).


We have also developed and supplied key components to the semiconductor technologies, such as sputter systems used in coating.


Over the years we have established ourselves a reliable partner to customers around the world who need equipment assembled, built, or repaired. This may involve the development of new systems, or, an improvement on the design of existing equipment.


UNAXIS now refers all end-customers for rotary feed through units and spare parts for high vacuum sputter system to our company for sales, service, and repair.





  • Sputter System ZH 620 manuacture LEYBOLD resp. UNAXIS Process CORONA

  • Sputter System ZH 620 manuacture LEYBOLD resp. UNAXIS Process EMERALD

  • Sputter System ZH 620 manuacture LEYBOLD resp. UNAXIS Process VANGUARD
  • Sputter System ZH 660 manuacture LEYBOLD resp. UNAXIS




The industry’s most recognized servicing partner for vacuum-sealed rotary feed-through systems !


Our repair work is known because of the following adherence to excellence:


  • Use of original parts to insure unit’s reliable function.
  • Repairs must meet the manufacturer’s specified performance standards.
  • Repair costs are independently assessed. (Some units will require more work than others. This fact is taken into account with each repair calculation).
  • Prompt execution of repairs
  • Warranties applied to repaired and refurbished equipment.
  • Upgrade to current technology all refurbishments.

Replacement rotary feed through systems which would provide immediate replacement options are a part of ongoing planning!


Rotary Feed Through ZH 620, Type GY (without casing and drive components)



Rotary Feed Through, Substrate Plate Z 660 (drive components are not displayed)



Rotary Feed Through, Panel 1


Sputter System

Series Type 1) Material Number Construction Characteristics
ZH 620 2.10 NX LH 102011990 n23.5 / n23.5
ZH 620 2.00 NX LH 10042046 n20 / n100
ZH 620 2.10 GY LH 102012065 n23.5 / n23.5
ZH 620 2.00 GY LH 10056414 n20 / n100

ZH 620

2.10 SX LH 102012064 n23.5 / n23.5
ZH 620 2.00 SX LH 10059204 n20 / n100
ZH 620 2.10 GEM LH 102011112 n23.5 / n23.5
ZH 620 2.30 NZ LH 102009705 n23.5 / n23.5 / MFSmodule
ZH 620 3.00 GV LH 102032895 n23.5 / n23.5 / MFSmodule  
ZH 620 4.00 GW LH 102144226 GV / ESSmodule  (pat.)
ZH 620 2.31 NA LH 102060955 NX / n23.5 / n23.5 / MFSmodule / HF-Box Br.3
ZH 620 2.11 NB LH 102055203 NX / n23.5 / n23.5 / RWDR / HF-Box Br.3
ZH 620 2.01. NB LH 102076754 NX / n20 / n100 / RWDR / HF-Box Br.3 
ZH 620 2.21 NC LH 102052345 NX / n46.5 / n23.5 / RWDR / HF-Box Br.3
ZH 620 2.11 GB LH 102055279 GY / n23.5 / n23.5 / RWDR / HF-Box Br.3
ZH 620 2.01 GB LH 102077426 GY / n20 / n100 / RWDR / HF-Box Br.3
Sputter System Series   Material Number  Construction Characteristics
Z 660 09   LH 42310466  Rotary Feed Through, Substrate Plate

1)  labelling in flange with type and serial number



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