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multicut* Precision - Tool



Have you faced leakage due to damaged leak-proof surfaces in drillings of DIN of 3852 hydraulic components, and due to that leakage faced the resulting loss of power and function of the entire hydraulic system?


Reach for the tool that offers immediate and reliable repair of damaged sealing-surfaces (DIN 3852)!


If you want a precise, easy and immediate resolution to hydraulic leakage then you need to familiarize yourself and your team with the patented multicut* Precision - Tool.


multicut*  - Precision Tools have been tested by (Parker Hannifin) - the market leader for high pressure hydraulic screw connections and hydraulic components.


multicut*  - Precision Tools are reviewed in Parker’s training seminars and customer-recommended as the tools professionals turn to for the repair of damaged hydraulic sealing ports.


For more information on this easy to use precision tool visit


Take a moment and view a presentation of the tool! The presentation includes step-by-step sequenced instructions on the tool and its application. This introduction is accomplished through the use of moving-visuals making it easy to see how this precision tool repairs damaged leak-proof surfaces - without having to dismantling the machine!


The current multicut* Precision - Tools catalogue is available in either German or English and may be downloaded from this site.












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