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We produce devices, components, and implants for the medical industry. We supply systems and furnish technical solutions, moving from consultations to finished products.


Our customers rely upon the competent research and precision designs furnished by our engineers and technicians.


One of our fastidious projects is the rebuild and redesign of mechanical heart valves, together with the establishment and optimization for a production and quality control line.


The heart valve is a single leaflet / tilting disc valve consisting of two functional elements:


  • Housing made out of titanium for medical applications
  • Disk made from the substrate (C/W), separated pyrolytically, extracting C


We have successfully redesigned the Aorta and Mitral Valves in each size:


  • Aorta Valve:
21A 23A 25A 27A 29A    
  • Mitral Valve:
  23M 25M 27M 29M 31M 33M


The heart valve serves as one example of how our customers profit from our Know How !   Following a review of the valve’s original design, our specialists in Medical Tools and Devices advised our clients consider making some design modifications in the valves. The revisions resulted in a more simplified, less encumbered valve, optimised by the use of laminar flow.


The current flowing through the valve meets with a dihedral angle, for example 73° (Aortic) and 68° (Mitral), and in this passage, the blood’s flow meets with minimal resistance. For this reason, the drop in pressure and the following power dissipation is at a minimum.


Although designing the valves with joints would make production much easier, such joints could become a collecting point for impurities and therefore a risk-factor to the patient. For this reason, each heart valve’s housing is cut and manufactured from a single block of titanium, avoiding joints of any kind in the valve design.


For production, semi-finished material is used whose origin and composition is tested and certified to be of a restorable character. Producing the valves from raw, unfinished material enables the valves to be returned at any time during the production process for rework.


Modern optical measuring systems, together with the use of suitable mathematical and statistical procedures, serve as the foundation for a safe and stable process, while insuring lasting product quality.


Our company has developed a number of process-relevant tests which follow our products through to the final stage of manufacturing, minimizing recalls and contributing to our product’s quality and safe processing.


Many corroborated man-years go into our construction, development, introduction and optimization of production processes.


We utilize the most modern CAD technology for modeling, and the highest performance CAM technology to generate the machine code for milling.


We have the proven engineering background, procedures, and machinery necessary to be a reliable partner where precision engineering and adherence to the critical demands of medical technology are a prerequisite.


Our customers profit from our Know How.


Refer to us when you are seeking a partner for developing and producing your equipment, components, and implants.


Our work ethic is simple: "There are no problems, only challenges!"


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